Wolfhunter River

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Gwen Proctor was lucky enough to escape her ex-husband who is a deadly serial killer. But the disrepute he has left behind seems to always come back to haunt her.  His perpetuated crime has not gone unnoticed as Gwen is almost getting entangled in the quest for vengeance by the sick internet villagers.

Gwen has been running and hiding all her life. But she now feels she has passed that level if she ever wants her kids to have a normal life.

So, the only thing left for her is to face her demons, even if it means dying while attempting to do so. At least, her kids will have a very normal life she had dreamt for herself.

When she arrived at a small town in Wolfhunter, her supposed ally Marlene Crockett is already dead. While many blamed her own daughter for her death, an inquiry showed there are even more mystery and a different face linked to the murder of Marlene.

This, surprisingly to Gwen, is directly connected to the only one that has been her nightmare for many years now.  She needs to set herself and her daughter free because along as a death in human form is locking around, no one will be safe.

Just like Ink and Bone, Wolfhunter River is another fast-paced book with all the characters perfectly represented.  The first two series may be tighter as long as the plot is concerned, but this third installment follows the previous in chronological order. You can read this and still stay in line with the whole plot of the series.

The narrator used the right diction for all characters involved in the book.   It’s an interesting series for anyone who loves vigilante thrillers.


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