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Warmaster’s ships have been hovering over the space of Terra for months now and look like there research over the area has finished. Plan execution is the next step that the enemy would take in this Guy Haley’s creative genius. Heroes were outnumbered and they were also short of passion to fight against the Horus in the 48th part.

Leman Russ has returned in this part and with him the hope also returns to the Throneworld. Leman a primarch has taken a vow that he will not rest until he chops the head of the monster known in the galaxy as the Warmaster. Such madness was needed from the Emperor’s side and suddenly the wind of change in apparent.

Before Russ’ emergence as a hero the people of Terra were thinking about defense and none had the dare to attack the Horus’ ships. Russ is willing to take the attack to the enemy thus he leaves Terra and launches a campaign against Horus’ nearest post.

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The more Russ reaches closer to Horus the strange stories about the newly acquired powers of the enemy frightens him. Horus not the sort of villains that were present in The Devastation of Baal and The Lost and the Damned, he is the untouchable sort that cannot be killed by an ordinary man. Mortals cannot even think of touching him now because his powers have made him a demigod. Narration by Jonathan Keeble is now making people addicted to the tone and the style of the might narrator. None of the narrators who have narrated different parts of the series can match the quality that Jonathan Keeble has produced.

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