Women’s Murder Club Box Set

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James Patterson changes partners in every new chapter that comes to us after a short interval of time and the main reason of changing partners is that the writer wants to add new flavor. James Patterson gives his series a new way of writing along with a new approach towards the happenings that are always mysterious. The narrator for these three parts is the same because Carolyn McCormick’s voice quality matches with such novels that give you of feeling of fear and terror.

The book has three parts or stories first one is associated with a court trial in which in which Lindsay Boxer gets stuck out of nowhere and now she cannot free herself from the law. It is not because she is a culprit but because of the fact that unseen forces are working against her, kind of forces that we saw in 3rd Degree as well. The second part of this book takes us to the hospital wards where patients are dying one after the other and no one knows the cause behind their death.

The club has a new member this time in the form of Yuki Castellano an attorney who wants to take the case to the court but the hospital is not ready for all that. The third story continues with the fifth horseman as Yuki tries to find who is behind the kidnappings of the children of the town. This time the children of the rich people are being abducted and more threatening thing is that the kidnappers make no demand from the rich parents of the child they just run away with the child.






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