Word of Truth

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From the start of the series all of the men associated with the Glass Kingdom had one objective i.e to stop the Buried Goddess. Heroes from all sides of the kingdom tried hard and still they failed in a big way. Buried Goddess has returned to the world of men and it wants vengeance from those who were trying to stop her return.

Not only the Goddess but Sora has also returned to the world more powerful than ever and she has full control over her powers now. Combined effort from everyone around is needed in this final war which appears tough to win. Nesilia not alone as she has Drav Cra on her side and other like that. Moreover the goddess possesses the power to make the whole of Elsewhere her slave and then bring them in the war. For the sake of unity Sir Torsten marries Caleef so that their armies could finally fight like a single unit in the battlefield.

Threats of Will of Fire and Way of Gods have come true and none of the heroes ever though that they would be forced to face the Buried Goddess in this world. Luke Daniels as a narrator uses all his strengths well for this concluding part.

The narrator has truly done justice with the masterpiece of Rhett C. Bruno and Jamie Castle. Everything about the series was great and the mystery in it especially was of an epic proportion. Concluding lines that the two authors have written is heart touching and carry weight. None of the characters are left in an incomplete form during the ending chapter and it is a classic ending indeed.

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