Working for Bigfoot

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The intro of the Bigfoot was clear evidence that Jim Butcher wanted to take the creature much further in the series. It came in Brief Cases like a surprise element and then stayed with an impact on the Dresden Files. Whenever a supernatural creature needs help or want to get a job done, Harry is the name it searches for. Harry has been there in all the paranormal activities that took place in the world of humans and beyond and his powers increased a lot with his experience and knowledge.

Especially the experience of hell in Skin Game made him more mature and his tricks surpass every living being there is in the world of humans and the super naturals. Harry evolved from an ordinary wizard and joined the White Court then after death he served Mab too but here he is back to where it all started i.e solving problems and getting paid.

He helps his clients in every possible way and then earns what he needs for survival in the human world i.e money. While looking for clients Harry gets Bigfoot who looks really worried about his son, the son is a real disaster magnet and thus troubles are attracted to him.

Harry knows that being a father is not easy but he never thought about bullying and other such issues that a boy has to face during his high school life. Moreover the boys that Bully Irwin, also have something special to look after them and thus a new phase of the series joined with the Bigfoot trilogy has started. James Marsters has provided a real grumpy sound to the Bigfoot which is quite hilarious to hear, although it was not the need of the scene but it gives you a chance to LOL.



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