World Without End

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Sometimes you expect best from the authors who have surprised through their stories, and they give you a lot more than the previous best.

This is what happens in this book which is actually the Book 2 in the series of The Kingsbridge Novels written by the famous author Ken Follett. Ken Follet surprised the readers and listeners of his stories back in 1989. He published The Pillars of the Earth. That was a massive hit among the people who love Medieval stories.

It was an epic story that revolves around the building of a Cathedral in England. The place described in it was much more than a cathedral and changed the world around it. We can say that the story also changed the way people think about that time period in a very astonishing manner.

Though the story was a massive hit, there was no sequel launched until now. This book has given the readers what they have been waiting for so far.

The book has given the readers and the listeners what they have expected and is certainly a great one to listen to. It can be read and listened individually without connecting it to the previous stories.

You can still find some connections between the two books.  Because it also revolves around the same town about which the previous book was based.

The Cathedral, the Kingsbridge town, and other surroundings are the same. The story is much more a reflection of the same era that was taken into account in The pillar of the Earth. The author also has other books you can read and experience the best out of this world. His books include A Column of Fire and A Place Called Freedom.

The narrator of this book John Lee has perfectly used his voice to ensure people feel and experience the story. While listening, they are a part of it and will be going through the Medieval time like if they re living in that time-space.

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