Worth Dying For

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Dick Hill’s voice charms our ears as he opens another chapter of the Jack Reacher saga with everything on the line for Jack. Jack for the first time in the whole series can be seen a bit shaky at times this could be because he thinks that the job is going out of his hands all the time, though he always gets the job done as he is the famous Reacher but this time the situation force him to use his full potential.

The story is of a big magnitude and Lee Child has described the scenes in much detail though such a thing is not needed in thrillers but it’s an extra effort by the writer to make this novel a masterpiece or he has tried to separate this mission from the previous one. The one aspect of the series that continues to impress us is the location change; we always meet new people in an entirely new land with new issues that only Jack Reacher can resolve.

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This time its Nebraska where Jack appears and faces the Duncans, the local clan troubles him for a while but the thing he is worried about is a lost boy and though the case is more than ten years old Jack failed to lose interest in it all this time. Jack has to face the whole society of the Duncans who are cruel and have secret missions of their own as well which they have to fulfill at every cost.

The novel is surely gripping and the ending is amazing. The energy is the same that can be seen in Bad Luck and Trouble and Killing Floor. Dick Hill has put in an extra effort in the narration department and has changed the accent a bit to match the native clan of the tribe.



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