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Experiments on the New Specie continue, with each new experiment the life of those who are used as tools become miserable. Enemies make them go through experiments that extract the purity out of them. After the experiment, most of the new breed is just like dead meat that just cannot enjoy life fully like other living creatures. Wrath now coming to Homeland with others like him was never like this in the early days of his life. He possessed zeal to live a happy life with a mate of his choice but then he was abducted just like Fury and Brawn for further breeding experimentation.

During his confinement, he was not allowed to see anything other than prone movies of human females. Wrath’s sex hunger was rose to such a level after which he thinks that he cannot live with a single girl for a very long time. Moreover, a human just cannot fulfill his madly active body desires. Author Laurann Dohner makes Wrath stuck with Lauren who herself is not an ordinary creature at all.

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She has what it takes to be the mate of a ferocious animal who has recently come out of his cage and he’s very hungry. As Lauren comes close to him she observes that Wrath is not acting normal. His abnormality can be felt by the voice change in narration by Vanessa Chambers.

Wrath comes to the girl with open arms but then when he comes closer it looks like he is handcuffed. He never expresses his desires and feelings openly, there seems to be something that he is trying to hide from everyone all the time.

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