Written in My Own Heart’s Blood

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As apparent in the title of this novel, it’s a painful journey indeed. The story of a nurse from 1946 who travels back to 1743 with the power vested in stone is the center of attention.  Though other characters are never ignored and the whole story is woven beautifully.

To make sure the listeners would not lose interest, there are turning points after every few moments. You will see how Diana Gabaldon creates a massive impact on emotions and feels. Listeners will not be bored and will be able to enjoy the whole story in one go.

In the voice of Davina Porter, the overall story becomes even more impressive because you will be indulged and impressed by the story plot and the characters that lead it.

This is book 8 in the Outlander series and is not even a single step behind the other 7 books. You will be enjoying right from the start till its end.

As an outlander Claire who is the main character in this series, who travels with the power of stone and tries to fix everything.CNN has coined this series as one of the greatest masterpieces and a grand adventure that is presented on the canvas.The story touches the hearts and probes the imagination to think ar and beyond the usual limits.

The listeners get a chance to explore the different ers and the way a time traveler manages the time-lapse. Just like the way the other captivating parts of the series including Drums of Autumn and The Fiery Cross.

The war of France against Britians is up on the mark. Now the time comes when Jamie discovers that his best friend has married his wife. His son comes to know who he is and his nephew is going to marry a Quark.

Claire and her sister Jenny is in the process of solving something necessary.Fraser knows that his family is safe in the future. Brianna and her husband is looking for their lost son. But soon it becomes apparent that Brianna is the real target.



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