Zodiac Academy

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The word “Bumpy ride” is an exact one for the novel as the tension starts mounting up in it from the first word. Being the Gemini puts the main character in a lot of fuss, all she knows is that she is a Fae and also is the right heir to the throne. However there is a problem i.e everyone in the kingdom can get the throne if they get rid of the true heir. This makes the life of the young girl a bigger mess. She is sent to the academy where there are a lot of vampires, werewolves and some other magical creatures.

It is not like Hogwarts where the heroes would be there to save your life from the deadly magic. Everyone wants to eat up one another and even the classes are quite dangerous, all you have to do is try to survive as long as you can. Being the daughter of the Savage King, makes the pretty girl, the prime target in the academy.

She has to keep herself safe till the last year after which she would be able to take the throne and the kingdom in her hands. The main subject in which the girl is interested in, is astrology because this will one day give her the knowledge about being a Gemini.

Till that day she has to confront the dragon shifter who is a real bully and with the help of his friends he wants to take over the throne. Shadow Princess and The Reckoning belong to the same series and it is better to listen to a single series in continuation which is narrated by Bridget Bordeaux.

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