Zoe’s Tale

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Zoe’s tale is narrated in a passionate way and it really depicts what really had happened to the human race. Most of the people alive know that what is wrong and what are the troubles that they are facing but no one of the current generation really knows the root cause of everything. Zoe appears to be a trump card for the whole human race as the fate of the whole human race lies on his shoulders also Zoe is an icon for the alien race as well. People talk about the stories and the battles that Zoe once fought or took part in but nobody knows the details.

Zoe wants to convey each bit of details to the people who are present around in order to tell the way Zoe felt during the war days also he is of the opinion that everyone must know the causes. Also the after effects of the war and the disputes of the races should be known to all if everyone wants to survive and keep the war away from their heads. John Scalzi is with a different narrator this time and Tavi Gilbert does not put too much exclamatory type of sounds in the narration because overall it is a story that is told.

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Nothing is happening at present in the story so there is no haste or over emotion being shown in any of the scenes. It is like a new beginning and though the story never ended at The Last Colony but a phase was surely closed and there is no Old Man’s War stuff in it anymore . This time those people of the previous battles are only present in images not in reality. John Scalzi intentionally wanted to make everything related to the previous trilogy a part of history.




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