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A horrifying tale by Colson Whitehead separates the mankind into two groups, one is the living and the uninfected one and the second is the living dead. The planet is plagued and the human race faces a war between the rival groups. The Americans are the only nation that is trying to rebuild themselves after the drastic effects of the plague. Manhattan is the first priority for the American army and resettlement is tough because the people are not what they once used to be before the plague.

The army is clearing the remains of the people that were infected and the areas are once again suitable for the survivors to settle in and start a living again. In the alleys of Manhattan in this scenario we find Mark Spitz who is among the survivors but mentally he is not in the same state as he was before the outbreak.

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He still remembers the war time  when he faced those horrifying nightmares and saw his friends and relatives turning into the living dead and then being killed. The stress disorder is not the ordinary type that can be removed by the routine checkup or psychological testing. The fallen world in front of the people also gives each and everyone a sign of anxiety. Beresford Bennett narrates in great stressing tone that can really pinch you on the weekend if you are stressed.

Quite different from The Underground Railroad (Oprah’s Book Club) and The Nickel Boys because it is on an entirely new sort of topic. The theme and motives are also different as compared to the previous books of the writer. The writer has created this new book with a strong plot and the intense mental conditions can really make you fall for it.



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