Becoming the Talbot Sisters

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This is a fiction and genre fiction story. The author of this fiction novel is Rachel Linden. She is a good novelist. She is also an international worker. millions of people in more than fifty countries like her novels. She is a phenomenal writer for years. The Enlightenment of Bees is her recent novel. If you want to read his more books then do refer to his The Enlightenment of Bees and Ascension of Larks. This book is getting wonderful comments, reviews, and a large number of listening.

The narrator of this story is Madison Lawrence. Madison Lawrence is a wonderful narrator. she did a great job. She narrated the novel with an energetic voice. Her voice takes you to the depth of the novel and you became a part of the novel. You can listen more from this good narrator. The length of this audio is ten hours and twenty-three minutes.

The author writes about the twin sisters. Their names are Charlie and Waverly. They were fighting for what they want to do in their lives. Waverly became a famous chef. She is performed in a home entertaining show. She wants to become a mother. She and her husband were worried about it. On the other hand, her twin sister Charlie is serving others. She is an international aid worker. both twin sisters live on different continents. They met after a long time at the funeral of their aunt. The story takes a turn and both sisters came to know that their jobs are losing. They were disappointed. What will happen next in the novel? I recommend listening to this interesting story. Brilliant job from the author.

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