Spin the Dawn


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    Girls have not been given equal status since the beginning of time and Elizabeth Lim takes this to a further level where the young girl is ready to display her talent at any cost. Maia Tamarin the daughter of one of the most famous tailors of the country always wanted to prove her worth and when the invitation from the king comes to her house she makes herself ready. The invitation was actually for her father who was summoned by the king for the sewing of some important dresses.

    Since her father was sick the young girl prepared a male costume for herself and joined the other tailors in the row of the competition. Maia during her life with her father never experienced anything like competition and here she not only faced competition but also things like fraud and cheating for the sake of success. Another trouble that the young lady faces in this tale is the presence of Edan, a magician in the court. The narrator Kim Mai Guest has especially given full attention to Edan’s character because he is the one who knows the truth about Maia.

    Spin the Dawn

    Like So This Is Love and Reflection the climax comes much later in the novel when the young tailor is asked to sew three magical gowns for the queen. The task first looks impossible because for the gowns the tailor would need tears of the moon, sun’s laughter and the blood of the stars. All these three ingredients cannot be found in a shopping mall thus the tailor in order to find these three items has to go on a quest in which he or she is not allowed to fail. Self development of the main character is the best part of this novel without any doubt.


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