Cover Your Eyes


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    It looked like a gruesome murder that happened 30 years ago has been long forgotten as the case died out systematically. But new strings of killings somehow reawakened the case as public defender Wainwright is convinced the wrong person was imprisoned. Not everyone is on the same page with him on that, especially detective Deke Morgan.

    This book is a direct master class of investigative murder, although it’ been classified as romantic suspense.  The bulk part of the book is focused on action-packed suspense. So, it’s safe to call it an action thriller, considering the fact there’s little romance in the book.

    What is more intriguing is how the author presented each character. And just like Cut and Run, this book has a steady and consistent plot. Readers and listeners can relate well with the plot, even though it’s equally filled with a lot of suspense. The suspense is where the unpredictability lies in the book.

    Cover Your Eyes

    It began with action and continues right until the end. The plot started a bit slow, but it picked up quite speedily till the last pages of the book. Overall, this action-filled mystery romance is captivating enough to keep the reader glued throughout the entire series.

    The character development and progression is also perfect. The voice and diction were a good representation of the characters in the book. The male voice for the narration was a bit husky and slightly out of place with the character. But this is not too noticeable. The narrator would have done better if a little life was given to the voice. But overall, the storyline and the entire plot is well suited for the thrilling suspense the author presented in the book.

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