The Gate of the Feral Gods


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    The Gate of the Feral Gods: Dungeon Crawler Carl, Book 4

    Every floor of the dungeon happens to be full of surprises and this is the fifth floor where floating fortress is not a unique thing at all. The warrior gnomes can attack you from all sides and life threatening monsters can be seen in plenty. There is no way, one can find love and relaxation in this life because the clock is ticking and if the players fail to get the job done in time then they would be eradicated automatically. Eradication from the game world means, a complete wipe out from the real world too.

    There is a submarine which is heavily guarded and by the looks of it, there is something dark present inside it which the sinister machines are trying to hide. Matt Dinniman has tried to bring something new in every episode and resting is not allowed to the main characters and the fans as well who are listening to this series.

    The Gate of the Feral Gods

    Carl has to capture all of the four castles if he wants to go to the next level and survive as well. A time span of fifteen days is allotted to the players on this occasion and for some this is just meaningless because the obstacles will never end.

    However, Carl is not tired at all and he has a vision in his mind which he has to fulfil at any cost. The listeners must keep an option open for Dungeon Crawler Carl and The Dungeon Anarchist’s Cookbook. Anything written in such a fabulous manner and narrated by Jeff Hays cannot be side lined at all. These stories possess a thrill and the passion which it arouses is mind blowing.

    The Gate of the Feral Gods The Gate of the Feral Gods

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