The Lightning-Struck Heart


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    Many successful series have been written by T.J. Klune over the past many years and the series are of the type that can be listened to again and again.

    Accidents happen now and then, in the life of a human and there are those types of accidents that change the life of a person completely within seconds. Living in the City of Lockes, Sam was living a fine life until magic start to pour out of his fingers.

    One day he accidentally turned some boys into stone when he had no intention to do that. This act made him an important person in the eyes of the king of another world who made him the apprentice of his trustworthy wizard within no time. Sam’s practice continued for a long time and he reached a point when he was sent to the Dark Woods for a final test. There Sam made friends in the form of a unicorn and a half-giant.

    Everything was going fine until the day when Sam saw Knight Ryan for the first time. There was a feeling that Sam was unable to control and that feeling was forcing him to be with Ryan all the time.

    The Lightning-Struck Heart

    Ryan, however, was attracted to Prince Justin and when the prince is abducted it’s Ryan and Sam whom the king send to rescue the prince. Together the two go on a quest apparently but they also get the chance to explore each other’s feelings.

    Perhaps Michael Lesley has listened to The House in the Cerulean Sea and Under the Whispering Door, that’s why he was quite comfortable in narrating this one by the same author. Love dominates all of these novels and though it appears strangely in all the stories still it is captivating.

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