The Eye of the Bedlam Bride



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    The Eye of the Bedlam Bride-Dungeon Crawler Carl, Book 6

    Calling this the most anticipated audiobook of the year is an understatement. As a dedicated DCC fan, I downloaded Bedlam Bride the moment it released and quickly lost myself in its pages. At book six, the appeal lies in advancing the intricate world and characters, not introducing them. And on those fronts, Bedlam Bride delivers and then some.

    While it may not claim the top spot storywise, this installment marks the most pivotal turning point to date. Carl’s backstory reveal has enormous implications for the broader universe. The chaos from previous books culminates here, with the closing of floor 8 unleashing absolute mania. The card-based combat system proves ingenious and engaging.

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    My sole regret was less interaction with beloved Pony. But Carl’s estranged father Patrick Warburton entering the fray more than compensated any letdown. Matt continues constructing one of sci-fi/fantasy’s most complex worlds in decades. Jeff Hayes’ stellar narration remains an endearing staple. Difficult choices are made, heartstrings pulled, and key characters lost, checking every box for an engrossing audiobook.

    The countdown now commences for book seven and beyond. Bedlam Bride advanced the intricate narrative while retaining the charm and spirit that makes Dungeon Crawler Carl so special. I’m already craving more from this imaginative, multidimensional, and highly addictive fantasy universe.

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      • This series was my 1° ever and I’ve read thousands of books , other than Rick Riordan’s books I’ve never read/ listened to anybooks with this much excitement.
        Thank you for this amazing experience.


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