The Butcher’s Masquerade


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    Time to get on the sixth floor has come and there is chaos everywhere. No one is safe because the dangers have just mounted sky high. The Hunting Grounds is the sixth floor in the competition and the crawlers are in real trouble because tourists are allowed to enter on this occasion and they are ready to hunt down the crawlers. The crawlers can fight back but the hunters are fully equipped. Vrah happens to be a skilled hunter and she is here with a special motive.

    She wants to take down the strongest so that she can win this game eventually. This is not easy but Vrah has s made all the analyses and she thinks that she is going in the right direction. Carl and Princess Donut have been there since the first episode and they have made it this far with each other’s help. They know one thing i.e sooner or later they would be on their own because when the time comes there would be only one survivor.

    The Butcher's Masquerade

    Matt Dinniman allowed the primary characters to fight back with full force in Dominiozn of Blades and The Dungeon Anarchist’s Cookbook,. On this occasion the characters are not that much free to take decisions. Narrator Jeff Hays’ voice also comes to us in a controlled way to show that the heroes are not in full control of the situation. Even after all the hard work, they are running for their lives and they are trying to find a safe place. The number of enemies has increased for sure and no one is going to aid them in the future.

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