Reckoning The Beginning After the End Book 9



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However mighty you become, letting go of the fear forged in your weakest moments remains an arduous task – its sinister grip strengthens alongside your power.

Though Arthur Leywin survived the Relictombs, he swiftly becomes ensnared in an even deadlier web – the serpentine politics of Alacrya.

Falsely accused of treacherous crimes, Arthur must defend himself without attracting the attention of his supreme adversaries.

He soon discovers the best refuge may be concealing in plain sight, even as he continues pursuing the capability to commandeer Fate itself. A race against time ensues, however, as the greatest threat yet encroaches upon Arthur’s loved ones in vulnerable Dicathen. Bereft of him, they are defenseless, but if he returns prematurely, all hope is irrevocably lost.


Amongst the Fallen

Retribution The Beginning After the End Book 10


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