The Twisted Ones


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    The Twisted Ones is a horror fiction, something that promises for a joyful literary ride for all the horror fiction lovers. The author T. Kingfisher is brilliant with his approach in bringing up an absorbing storyline and the characters that portrays the true essence of what horror fiction should be like. It is also important to mention Hillary Huber here, who is the narrator of this novel and has managed to give a superb performance, which you will definitely adore. T. Kingfisher is also winner of the prestigious Hugo Award, when she use to write with the name of Ursula Vernon.

    Kingfisher is brilliant in horror and all other types of fiction. The Seventh Bride and The Wonder Engine are true reflection of his abilities.

    When a woman clears the home of her deceased grandmother somewhere in North Carolina then she discovers the long-hidden secrets related to a bizarre colony in the woods.

    The deceased grandmother of Mouse was a hoarder and the house was stuffed with absolute rubbish in all its corners. Only that much would be horrific enough but there is a lot more to come. Mouse comes across a journal of her step-grandfather, which initially looked to be filled with some nonsensical things. Then Mouse faced some terrifying things there as well.

    The Twisted Ones

    Mouse discover herself in the woods and along with her dog while facing a long series of unimaginable terrors. Things that sometimes bump up right in the middle of the night are real and they are actually looking for people. And if Mouse doesn’t face them right away head on then she might wouldn’t be alive to tell her story and experiences to others.


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