The Primal Hunter


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    The tour to the wild begins here when Zogarth starts writing the first part of the series. For Jake, there is no such thing that he can consider as troubling because he is born in the wild.

    Living in the forest and fighting with the wild animals happens to be part of his daily routine and he is not tired of it rather he enjoys the sensation. He likes getting to his prey and then tearing it apart. Meanwhile what is happening around Jake is not something that attracts him very much.

    He is fond of hunting and likes his freedom, if someone or something comes his way then he will surely deal with it strongly. Travis Baldree has narrated The Primal Hunter 2 and The Primal Hunter 3  so this is the voice that will be entering your ear for a long time. The author takes us to the past for a while in order to tell all of us how Jake landed in that world in the first place.

    The Primal Hunter

    Jake used to be an officer in the past and then one day, the world around him changed in a flash. The humans were not in the same situation anymore rather they were thrown into the multiverse which they didn’t know anything about.

    At first, Jake got surprised and terrorized but later he started enjoying the sensation and he felt that he was made for a place like this. Jake vows to himself that he will never go back to his normal life again. The story has a wonderful beginning and it provides us with the lust for wildlife.

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