Gulf Coast Moonlight


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Lisa Flanagan, Ryan West, Stephanie Einstein, and Nick J. Russo know exactly where to put stress in their voices during the narration because of their association with the story. They have been with the series for a long time and this has made them quite aware of the moods of the primary characters. They are fully aware of every change that Maggie Miller tries to bring into the story. Thus the narrators can improvise even on most occasions and this gives them more freedom of experimentation.

First, it was the circumstances that teased Georgia, and then her husband came back to the scene. Finally, it was the natural calamity that shook her creation to the core but she didn’t lose hope. She has only one direction in mind and it goes forward.

If a listener has listened to Gulf Coast Secrets and Gulf Coast Cottage then he would be able to detect a change in Georgia’s character. She does not need the support of any person rather she can provide support and help to others. The reopening of the inn is quite near and there is no issue that is bothering this family anymore.

Gulf Coast Moonlight

When the reopening comes closer, there is another rival who comes to the town and he changes Georgia’s dreams into nightmares. She cannot believe that a person can take such a step against her but he seems to be quite committed to her. With Travis on her side, Georgia once again plans to gamble in a big way. If she loses then she will lose everything which she has worked for after coming to Blackbird Beach.


Gulf Coast Sunsets

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