Mark of the Fool


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Seldom do we see a person run away from his destiny because this is not in our control at all. No matter how hard we try to run away from our destiny, these things are not under our control all the time. Alex Roth thought that he would be able to control his destiny after the death of his parents but he was wrong. Actually, the boy wanted to be a wizard and for this purpose, he worked hard and finally got admission to the University of Generasi. The university was famous for producing the best wizards in the kingdom.

On the eighteenth birthday, something strange happened to Alex as he got Marked by prophecy. He became one of the five heroes who were bound to fight against the enemy known as Ravener. The problem was that he got the sign of “The Fool” which was considered the worst mark because it stops the individual from casting spells.

Alex just left everything and he came back to the university with his friend and little sister. He thought he could change his fate but after much work, he wasn’t able to do that thing so he decided to study a few things about Ravener and try to break a few rules too.

J.M. Clarke has created other parts of the series too so go for them when you finish this book. Travis Baldree has narrated it seriously just like he did in  Crystal Awakening and Beware of Chicken 2: A Xianxia Cultivation Novel. The narrator is really professional in his field and he does not wait for the climax in order to get serious in the business.


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