The Wych Elm


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    The current book by Tana French takes us on a tour of family secrets where we even fail to tell other people about our own self as whom we really are. The shift in the story from present to past memories and then again coming to the physical reality of the present is the trademark of the writer that can be seen in his several other books like Broken Harbor and In the Woods. Tana French is a master when it comes to stories that are related to past secrets of the families. The story is not considered as a true thriller as there is no race against time situation present anywhere. The suspense is there and can be found in plenty.

    The Wych Elm

    Toby’s body first face a brutal attack and then his mind as after being attacked brutally he wants to return to the place where he spent his childhood with his family and among the dear and near ones, the Ivy House seems to him as his life because the happy moments that he had while living in that building was something that could not be explained in words. However a horror tale is added to those beautiful memories when a skull is found in an old wych elm in one corner of the house and adds more misery to the life of Toby who though that old home as a source of refuge in his current precarious state.

    The more the case is investigated the doubtful his family name becomes and he too fails to recognize his own self in the family mirror. The narration of such a tense story was not an easy job and it was given to Paul Nugent who starts the description slowly and carefully and then the voice carries on with the story quite nicely.  


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