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    Wow, this book truly had me captivated. The plot kept me on the edge of my seat, and the build-up towards the end was nothing short of mind-blowing. Midas, the main character, constantly surprised me with his unpredictable actions, leaving me shaking my head in disbelief.

    Auren, on the other hand, went through so much in the story that it was at times agonizing to read about her struggles. Despite that, her growing relationship with Rip and his crew, as well as her attempts to connect with the other Saddles, showed her unwavering determination, though I sometimes wished she’d just leave them be. Still, I couldn’t help but admire her dedication to forming bonds with those who shared her experiences. Her backstory was revealed, adding to the intensity of the narrative.


    The book also delves into the background of a crucial character, and trust me, it’s something you won’t be prepared for. This book is a must-read!

    On a side note, the main narrator’s performance was fantastic; I absolutely loved her. However, the other narrator’s portrayal of Auren was a bit painful to listen to and even ruined one scene for me with an unintentional cringe-laugh. Nevertheless, his take on Rip’s perspective was spot-on and enjoyable.

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    Dead Eleven


    2 thoughts on “Gleam”

    1. Book order: Gild – Glint – Gleam – Glow (all 4 of these are available on the site! You won’t find them anywhere else! There is a fifth and I do believe it’s called Goldfinch (it will be the finale… But for real this time — lol), but I think it literally just came out so give it a second to be uploaded (this third book is over 21 hours so you’ll be fine.)

      And if you’re looking for spice you will find “Spicey spice” about halfway through this book about 11:50:00. Well there are romantic scenes and not so romantic scenes in the other books this is the first one where it’s like descriptive.

      Keep reading because I have some tips on if you’re having issues getting toget your audio back to where you were…but first:

      I love this series, but I wanted to make sure that I gave you, the site operators a big thank you. It can’t be easy — or cheap…Lord knows I spend RIDICULOUS amounts of time on your website, which is why I don’t object to the ads (yes they are irritating at first, but I’m not going to complain for getting these books for free if I have to look at some ads that don’t actually interrupt my listening. Why? Normally I’m anti-advertisement, but this isn’t some major corporation making millions selling your data. This is a person or a group of individuals so they deserve a little bit of money considering what it takes to make this site work).

      One feature I like about the site is that you usually have “Next” if it’s a series at the bottom (9/10 times they usually include a link to the books that are included in the series near the author’s name). It’s actually how I found out this was a series!

      Oh and the fact that you (site operators ) take the time to use high resolution images for the book covers makes a big difference. (A certain site with the name Galaxy or is it Z now… butchered their visuals when it comes to covers and destroyed their stream/feed. I’ve been using all of the other sites for over a year now and yours is really the best.

      Now to my work around!

      For Android users experiencing issues with the page refreshing and then the audio restarting at the beginning and it won’t let you go to the spot where you know you left off such as hour 11:23:14 and instead just brings you back to beginning:

      #1 Don’t use Chrome (Chrome has really fallen apart lately)

      #2 Just use your regular “Internet” browser that comes standard with your phone (I’m using Samsung Internet)

      #3 Set it on desktop mode.

      #4 BOOKMARK! BOOKMARK! BOOKMARK! (BOOKMARK the time, but also take a peak at the right hand corner for the exact runtime. If your brain is mushy/dyslexic like mine, screenshot)

      #5 If you’re going to be away from the page (as in you’ve stopped listening to it and you’ve closed out the audio play in your notifications swipe down), it’s going to refresh and you’re going to lose your spot. This happens with almost every single website, Not just here. It’s basically running in the background and your phone is going to try to conserve “something” so again, check your run time on the right hand side of the audio file.

      You know what, even if you think you are good at remembering where you left off in the book, Zoom in and take a screenshot. Your audio play time will look something like this: 11:23:45 / 21:04:11 (oh and turn off dark mode when you are trying to get back to your spot. Also zoom in for accuracy location of the timer circle thing)

      #6 if you’re still running into an issue and can’t get the audio to stop going back to beginning, just swipe down and refresh. “Clear your cache” is what somebody always told me but I don’t really know if that does anything but refreshing works 9 out of 10 times.

      Now all of this is for a Samsung, and it’s running on the most current Android uodate. I also barely have any memory on this phone so it could just be me, but I think I’ve read a couple people with some issues like this… But in the year 2023 who has space on their phone anyway?

      Oh, and don’t forget to thank the creators of this clean streamlined site that has books old and NEW (very new) I’m not joking I had a lot of free time on my hands so I decided to look for all four of these books on six different sites (I’m sure a couple of mirror sites of each other, but still) and I couldn’t find them.

      Thank you again to the creators. I wish more people knew about your site but I like to keep you as my little secret. I do listen to books on Yt occasionally in one of the most frequent comments is that they are disabled and on a fixed income and cannot financially support their book habit, so don’t ever doubt what you’re doing is good for humanity. Your site is very popular in my teens friends group. You have made books cool again, which is extremely important during this rime when School libraries are being turned into little miniature prisons (Texas) and other schools are literally getting flamethrowers and burning books in political/religious stunts.


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