Winter’s Heart


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    The mesmerizing epic tale goes on as Robert Jordan sends his marvelously created team on another tough mission. The team though has accomplished many things but once thing that they failed to control was the “Wheel of Time”. The weather is still terrible and unbearable. The story becomes a thriller when we observe that Rand and Min are in a hurry to reach their destination. We don’t know why they are in such a hurry and Cadsuane too show curiosity in their haste as she goes behind them.

    Winter's Heart

    The book is also with certain revelations as we come to know about the leader of the Black Tower a man that was kept hidden in Path of Daggers and  A Crown of Swords. Now finally they know who their enemy is, still fighting him is not that easy for anyone. There is also a search going on for Faile which gives us the hint that the character would have a strong relationship with the plot that is not yet revealed.

    At the same time Rand is with an army which is quite difficult to handle as it is a mixed one with people of different tribe joining in for a final show. The daughter of the nine moons, however, steals the show when she arrives in a gigantic way and it is her marriage that plays a crucial role in the war.

    Winter's Heart

    Kate Reading and Michael Kramer still hold the narration department and from the looks of it one can expect that they would go on till the end of the series.  The arrival of new characters is also well handled by the two as they provide extreme care to each and every character of the war.


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