The Fires of Heaven


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    Robert Jordan is back again here with yet another sequel from his multivolume epic The Wheel of Time. The author inspires again and continues at the same level of excitement and ambitions, where he left his fans at the end of his prequel to this book, The Fires of Heaven.

    There is absolutely no prize on guessing that who gave the narration of this book, as for Robert Jordan, the choice is obviously Kate Reading and Michael Kramer. They are back with their magic in giving one of the best narrations of their respective careers.


    The Fires of Heaven is a sequel to the amazing and popular The Shadow Rising, which also happened to be the best seller of New York Times. This time again, the author plunges his followers with a super-rich and a completely unforgettable world. The story continues in the outlawed city of Rhuidean. This is where Al Thor, who is now the Dragon Reborn is looking to secrete his current endeavor, even from Moiraine and Egwene.

    The Fires of Heaven

    The story takes a quick turn when in the White Tower, Flaida, and Amyrlin are weaving some new plans. And then into the luxurious and cozy chamber, where you will find Rahvin talking with his 3 mates for ensuring their ultimate triumph over the Dragon Reborn. On the other side, Morgase is curious about the handsome and mighty, the Lord Gabriel.

    The Great Hunt and The Dragon Reborn are a couple of other worth reading/ hearing books from the great author Robert Jordan. Both the books are from his same series of The Wheel of Times, but each book has its own individuality and specialty that distinguishes it from all his other books.

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    The Shadow Rising

    Lord of Chaos


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