The Emperor’s Revenge


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Fighting and defeating criminals is something in which the Oregon crew is specialized in however they have never faced hacking. The world of science and technology has developed so much that one can hack into another person’s computer by just setting in his room; moreover, money can be transferred without any trace.

Well, this was something the Oregon crew never expected until their bank account shows a big zero. All the money that they earned through hard work in their deadly missions was gone in a moment and they sadly have no time to investigate because more threats are approaching. Juan instead of the mission is more worried about his team because to keep the band together he needs financial help after all he is the captain and he has to take care of the finance.

The Emperor's Revenge

These days Juan calls an old friend for some help who has been attracted towards him since the days he was a member of the CIA. After getting some assistance they launch a mission to investigate the man who is behind the hacking because he has not only looted one bank rather he is in for more.

The Silent Sea and Mirage were about technology but here Scott Bricks narrates the story of a cybercrime. All the finance of Europe is leaking and they have not been able to track the hole. Soon every millionaire would be bankrupt and the economy of every country in Europe will collapse. Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison write about an economical game this time that needs more brain as compared to muscle for its final solution.



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