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    One scientific device and then another comes to the scene and makes the life of Juan and his crew messy while getting rid of it. They have brought to light devices and conspiracies that were hidden from the world for centuries. Almost all of the things from the borders of Afghanistan to Africa have been deadly and Oregon has saved humanity from it.

    Technological freaks have a habit of turning a boon into a bane and later it is up to the Oregon crew to destroy it and save the world from it. Metal snakes, rotten dead bodies, and electromagnetic radiation were the fate of Juan and his men in books like The Silent Sea and Mirage but they have survived and got the upper hand at the end of every fight. Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison tell the story of an American scientist this time that goes rogue and now is planning to take over the world including the US.


    The man has in his hand a device that can outclass any weapon in the world. Firstly it was a German scientist that started building that device but he never had the equipment and time to complete his creation. Based on those old notes, the American scientist has completed that device now and is planning to use it for a big purpose.

    Juan decides to play a clever trick by showing that Oregon has sunk but the enemy surprises him later by coming to his hiding place. The clever enemy comes face to face with Oregon in Scott Brick’s voice. If the crew fails there would be no chance for the world to stand against one man who possesses the power to rule.

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    The Emperor’s Revenge


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