Reaper: Ghost Target

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    It is a military thriller and no doubt this is what Nicholas Irving writes best because of his vast knowledge of the field and a sense of haste in which he writes. The moment we start the novel it is like going in to the battle field with only one way out i.e to end the novel as quickly as possible. The novel also gives a wonderful start to the sniper series that is bound to reach the trilogy in a quick succession. The other books like Reaper: Threat Zero also a good choice along with this part as it provides more details about the skills of the American hero.

    Reaper: Ghost Target

    Life turns abruptly for the sniper who was once known as “The Reaper” in the whole of America because he was the one who killed thirty three persons in ninety days. One thing that he never liked was a failing mission and now all of a sudden during a mission in Afghanistan he become unconscious in a attack and finds himself in America.

    Having no knowledge about his past anymore the sniper struggles to go on with his life. Makes new friends and luckily falls in love with Jackie as well that provides him the much needed niche in his life that he always needed.

    Now as he tries to settle in life strange things start happening around him, at every murder in the town he finds himself close to the dead body. Moreover the gun that is used is also the same that he used during his successful missions.

    Harwood cannot comprehend that whether he is doing all this or he is being framed. To his surprise his girlfriend also goes missing. Jeff Gurner provides the tone that was needed for such tense atmosphere and gives the tale more sentiments as well.





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