Essay on Augustine of Hippo


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    “The Library of the World’s Best Literature, Ancient and Modern,” stands as a monumental literary endeavor, driven by an immense purpose. Originating from a straightforward aspiration to provide “American households a plethora of enriching reading material,” the compilers scoured the vast expanse of literary history, extracting what they deemed the quintessential compositions of human expression. The outcome materialized as an ambitious compendium spanning 45 voluminous editions (with an additional 46th index-guide).

    Essay on Augustine of Hippo

    This anthology encompasses an eclectic array of literary forms, encompassing poetry, letters, succinct narratives, and excerpts from full-length works. Each section is introduced by a concise exposition about the featured author or subject matter, enhancing the reader’s context. Interestingly, certain segments are dedicated not to individual authors, but to cohesive clusters of creations, organized based on nationality, thematic relevance, or chronological epoch. As a result, chapters delve into realms as diverse as Accadian-Babylonian literature, the enigmatic realm of the Holy Grail, and the captivating domain of Chansons.

    The anthology’s allure is rooted in its captivating diversity of themes and literary styles. It not only piques curiosity but also serves as an introductory portal to renowned luminaries who may be familiar names yet remain unread by many, including figures of eminence such as Abelard, Dante, and Lord Byron. Editor Charles Dudley Warner underscores that this collection surpasses mere reference material, evolving into a veritable library intended for immersive reading experiences. Thus, “The Library of the World’s Best Literature, Ancient and Modern,” stands not only as a reservoir of knowledge but as a vibrant literary haven beckoning readers to embark on a journey of exploration and enlightenment.

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