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The Society of the Sword Trilogy

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Trilogies are considered the best when they have a proper opening part because it is the first part which actually attracts the audience towards the other two. If the first part is not captivating enough then the rest of the parts also become underrated because the fans don’t want to go through something which didn’t influence them in the first glance. Duncan M. Hamilton did a complete homework before this opening part and has added all the details that were needed for the first instalment. Main character or the chosen one in the series is named as Soren whom Derek Perkins has given full attention through narration.

Soren was just an ordinary man with no super skills at the start, however he always wanted to become a perfect swordsman. Then out of nowhere, fortune just knocked at his doorstep and he was chosen by the academy of swordsmanship. In this way he was able to fulfil his dream of becoming an elite warrior but everything didn’t remain that simple after he finished his training at the academy.

The Society of the Sword Trilogy

There were groups that wanted to get rid of Soren because of a special purpose of which he had no knowledge. Soren wanted to save his life at any cost so he decided to put his skills to use. The society where swords solve everything, surviving till the end might not be the easiest thing. Jorundyr’s Path and The Wolf of the North, Book 1 are written by the same author so there is more to enjoy for everyone who likes such stories. These are the type of stories which engage you and also give you an opportunity to delve into a world of imaginations.


Sidney Sheldon’s The Tides of Memory



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