The Hero of Ages


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The Hero of Ages novel is a masterpiece production by Brandon Sanderson. It is a science fiction novel where a lot of thought provoking things would mesmerize you as a listener. The narration of this book is given by Michael Kramer, who is experience in this job with many other books credited to him for narration.

Vin eventually killed the Lord Ruler in order to bring the Final Empire to its end and subsequently restore freedom as well. As a consequence of this, the most lethal and brutal form of the mists gets back. It returns with excessively heavy ash falls along with far more powerful earthquakes as well. This made the humanity look completely doomed and out.

Elend venture, the Emperor is full of hope to get clues, which the Lord Ruler has left behind. Those clues were assumed to be very helpful in saving the world. Vin feels guilty about being tricked to release Ruin from Well, which the mystic force. Ruin is in every mood to completely ruin and destroy the world. Things were getting near omniscience and stopping this seemed almost impossible. Discussion with Elend regarding this matter wasn’t looking possible. Ruin, however, became familiar with the filthy plans.

The Hero of Ages

The Mistborn trilogy conclusion actually fulfills the promises that were made in the first 2 books of the series. Revelations were made and many connections linked deep inside the early chapters of the book series were getting exposed. There are a lot of surprises, stunning situations and a very satisfying end to this book.

A few other recommended books by Brandon Sanderson includes Oathbringer and Words of Radiance. You will definitely enjoy, if fantasy and science fiction is what you are looking for.


The Well of Ascension

The Alloy of Law


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