The Alloy of Law


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    The Alloy of Law is a fantasy science fiction book by Brandon Sanderson. He excels in the genre and this is further endorsed by the success of his prior books in this domain. This specific novel, The Allow of Law is book 4 from the Mistborn novel series. The narration of this book, like the prior ones in the series is given by Michael Kramer in his unique signature style, which people always love.

    The story is set 300 years post the Mistborn trilogy events. Scadrial is just now on the edge of modernity along with the railroads leading to the canals. Electric lighting was evident on the streets and could also be seen in the homes of the rich. The first of the steel-based skyscrapers were witnessed to be racing to the clouds. Elend, Vin, Spook and Sazed are all part of the history now or belongs to some particular religion.

    The Alloy of Law

    Even science and technology was reaching new heights, but the vintage magic of Feruchemy and Alomancy continued to play their pivotal part in the newborn world.

    After a couple of long decades in the Roughs, Wax was forced by the tragedy of his family in order to get back to the metropolis of Elendel. This was the time when he must put away all weapons and assume the duties as the head of the house. Things turned out to be different than he thought. The streets of this city were even more dangerous than those sandy plains of Roughs.

    The other popular books that you must check from Brandon Sanderson include the likes of Words of Radiance and The Way of Kings. If you are fantasy and science fiction book lovers, then these books are enough to mesmerize you with their twists and turns.

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