The Warrior Queen: The Hundredth Queen, Book 4


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The Warrior Queen is the 4th chapter in The Hundredth Queen Series. It is a contemporary science fiction fantasy novel with great following by young audience. The Hundredth Queen Series is a product of Emily R. King, who time and again has shown that how capable he is as a fantasy fictional writer and to bring up best for the fictional audience. A couple of other significant novels that Emily R. King has written are Before the Broken Star and Everafter Song.

The Warrior Queen is the final volume of The Hundredth Queen novel series and here you will see Kalinda risking everything to protect the man whom she loves a lot.

The Warrior Queen: The Hundredth Queen, Book 4

Kalinda this time has managed to bring peace everywhere in the Tarachand Empire, at least for the time being. Bhutas now don’t need to hide any of their gifts. The last of the remaining rebels have banished by now and the mighty Prince Ashwin is ready to take on as Rajah. But on the flip side for Kalinda, all these things are coming at a great loss for her. The things at stake are her childhood house, her dearest friend and the love of her life.

Deven on the other end is still stuck in the Void, but still, he manages to find his way to meet Kalinda every night. So far, he has been lucky as he has lasted far more than the mortals, who are actually not known to last for long.

The narration of The Warrior Queen is handled by the trio of Lauren Ezzo, Scott Lange and Scott Merriman. They all put up a great show with their performance and made this novel a successful one.


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