Undaunted Courage



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Stephen E. Ambrose is bank again with another compelling book that tells peeks deep into the History of America and bring out some gems from the past. It is a nonfiction book, where you will be amazed by a number of facts, which were otherwise distorted or having a lot of different opinions by as many people. Barrett Whitener has done the narration of this book in a very impressive tone to enjoy with.

It was the year 1803, when the then president of USA, Thomas Jefferson hand-picked Captain Meriwether Lewis as his personal secretary. His job was to lead a trip to the Missouri River, which was across the hostile Rockies and also in the way of the Snake and Columbia rivers, which were actually down of the Pacific Ocean. Lewis along with Captain William Clark, went through many of the significant hardships and saw some astounding sights as well. With some excellent perseverance, both of them worked their way towards the West, which was not yet explored much. They had long been given up to be dead, when they returned back home after a good long period of 2 years.

Undaunted Courage

The book is supported by a number of colorful and lively characters with their great stories and that includes Jefferson and his sight of the West, who was actually a mapmaker and an artist and then Lewis, who was believed to have led courageously, but still considered his mission to be a failure.

Crazy Horse and Custer and Band of Brothers are other significant novels by Stephen E. Ambrose, which narrates some great stuff from the rich American History, especially those related with soldiers, who fought bravely at the time when country needed them the most.


Band of Brothers



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