Jake & the Giant



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    Jake & The Giant is the 2nd instalment in the beautiful The Gryphon Chronicles. After the good opening for the first novel of the series, audience had high hope with this novel and they were not disappointed. The author E.G. Foley knows that what the audience wants from a fantasy novel and how his young audience reacts to great fantasy stories. This is exactly what the subject novel is all about. The other books from the author can also give you a good idea about his abilities, where Secrets of the Deep and The Dark Portal are worth mentioning.

    Just like the first novel, The Lost Heir, narration for Jake & The Giant is also done by Jamie du Pont MacKenzie. He definitely deserves a mention for his outstanding performance, which the audience loved.

    Jake & the Giant

    Jake Everton is a Londoner and a pickpocket who gets deployed to a weird magical world after he experienced some mysterious powers with himself.

    He got reunited with his magical relatives and was getting comfortable with his own supernatural powers as well. Lord Griffon is travels to Norway for the very first time. There at Invention Convention, Archie, his cousin plans to unveil a fantastic novice flying machine, which was opened to the entire scientific community.

    But in Scandinavia, the legends of the Viking Age are known for dying very hard. Danger finally strikes as the renowned Victorian scientists initiate some mysterious disappearance. At the time when Archie goes missing, Jake runs for the rescue. He finally tracks the kidnapper with the support of Gryphon, his trustworthy pet dog. Things started to become immensely interesting from here on for the listeners.


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