The Well of Ascension


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The Well of Ascension if a brilliant piece of writing by the author, Brandon Sanderson. This is a fantasy science fiction book, where you will have answers to a lot of questions that the author asks within his story. This is part of the popular Mistborn series. Just like the prequel of this book, the narration is once again done by Michael Kramer and he has surely done a brilliant job once again with his voice skills.

The Lord Ruler has accomplished the impossible. He is the man who is a self-proclaimed incarnated god and ruled the world brutally for more than thousand years. He has been outdone now. Kelsier, the mastermind behind this triumph is also dead. Now the big task of building the world from scratch is with his young protégé. Vin is the most resourceful Mistborn left in the land, who is also the ex-street urchin.

The Well of Ascension

She at that time acclaimed a novice religion and that distinction made him completely uncomfortable. Even more, the mists started to behave very weirdly, especially after the death of the Lord Ruler. She looks like harboring some weird entity that goes on to haunt her as well. Controlling assassins helped in keeping the Mistborn skills of Vin quite sharp. But, that was actually the least of the problems that she was facing.

If you are a fan of Brandon Sanderson and looking for his more novels, then you must check out The Way of Kings and The Final Empire. Both are brilliant books in their own peculiar way and you must check out to give yourself hours of pure entertainment with science fiction fantasy genre.


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