Crown Unbound, Book 9



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    Vault Ravaged. Titan Fallen. Fugitives in Flight.

    Felix and his friends have escaped the Undermount laden with spoils, a belly full of power, and most importantly: another Unbound at their side. Yet, their triumph is shadowed by the pursuit of the Dwarven Hinterlords, Hierocratic soldiers, and a sinister truth haunting Felix’s Mind.

    Imara, Chosen Vessel of the Pathless, is his sister—and he failed to save her.

    Encircled by two armies, uncaring mountains, and his newfound sister’s oppressive power, the team is forced to face the long path… a crucible so demanding, they must transcend their limitations just to survive. As for Felix, the Unbound must evolve beyond what should be possible, grasping every scrap of power he can muster.

    He’s got a god to kill.

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