Knight of Shadows


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    Series now reaches the ninth book, Amber world saga concludes finally after this one as the fate of the son of Corwin finally gets sealed. Merlin just like his father has been through a lot and he has seen friends turning into enemies and close ones stabbing in his back. One that pinched him was Julia, he wants to ask her the reason because of which she turned against him and selected Jurt. Roger Zelazny never provided the father and son with the best of friends and all they get at the end of a good friendship is a deception.

    When the audience last time met Merlin in Sign of Chaos and Blood of Amber he was being chases by blood suckers but he got out of all that. There has been a war going on between Pattern of Amber and Chaos and Merlin now understands that he is a part of all that. It is up to him to select a side finally so that his fate is decided once and for all. Wil Wheaton’s voice once again brings Corwin to the ninth part and he is just in his son’s mind but the talk has an impact on Merlin.

    Knight of Shadows

    Corwin told his son about his siblings and he called them genealogical gaffes. Merlin wants to get some guidance from whatever his father told him about the Amber world and their family. The boy knows that once he selects a side, his fate and the fate of the Amber world would be decided forever thus it is a tough ask. Also there lies a threat that he could face another deception just like his father.

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