The Originator Wars: Conflict Unending A Lost Fleet Novel Audiobook


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    The story takes us to the war of the worlds where the two groups are engaged in a war for ages. Both the originators and the eternal want to prove themselves as the dominant race in the world and for this purpose they have to exterminate the other.

    The eternal in this third book of the series seems to have the upper hand but the writer also leaves a ray of hope for the originators by adding a myth to the story which tells that there are originators who are in sleeping condition and can be summoned in the situation of crisis.

    Thus the originators’ primary motive is found those originators that can turn the tables for them. The story goes up and down and shifts sides, sometimes we observe that the situation is in favor of the eternal and sometimes the situation benefits the originators. The war also takes us to a tour in space as we jump from one galaxy to the other or enter from one world to the other.

    The Originator Wars: Conflict Unending A Lost Fleet Novel Audiobook

    Raymond L. Weil has created the whole atmosphere quite nicely with all the intergalactic stuff and the description of the Dyson Spheres where the whole action takes place. This book also ends the whole tale as this is the last one in the trilogy and that’s why it was the most awaited one.

    It finally concludes the war between the two groups that continued throughout the series. The narration is done by Liam Owen who has successfully completed his job and his narration is better than the previous ones in the series as it is more accurate and active.
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