Surviving Ice


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    Sebastian York and Olivia Song start the narration in a lazy style and then when the crime takes place the narration is shifted to seriousness. So those listening to the book should not leave it after listening to just the initial chapters because the real action starts in the later chapters.

    First is the description of a girl named Ivy who is a tattoo artist and now after spending many years of her life moving here and there she wants to settle down in life. Moving from one city to another has tired her and San Francisco proves to be a loving place to get settled in.

    Everything was going well for her and according to her desire until she sees a crime scene and becomes its witness. Ivy knows that she is now in trouble because the criminal might come for her and if not the police will surely summon her to the station for an interview.

    Surviving Ice

    In this period of her life she does not want to get in any kind of trouble so she decides to leave this city too but the sudden meeting with a man makes her change her decision. His attraction and appealing nature stops her and she thinks that he was the kind of man she was searching for all her life and now finally he is standing in front of her.

    K.A. Tucker brings terror in the story when Ivy comes to know that the man whom she likes now never met her because of an accident.  He had been stalking her for some reason for quite a while after which he came to her when she was leaving the city. Forget One Tiny Lie and Four Seconds to Lose and just bring this one home and you will not rest until you have listen to it more than one time.

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