Black Sand Baron


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    In the virtual manhunt, Ned was given a Head Start which was quite an advantage for him along with the talking axe named Frank. However when the game actually started and the players from all over the world entered the domain it was quite tough for Ned because everyone wanted the axe which he had in his hands. Kyle Kirrin makes Ned the prime target in this series and the cat and mouse chase carries on in the second part as well.

    Travis Baldree made no mistake in narrating Shadeslinger and now the second part is tackled equally well by the narrator who surely has a magic in his voice. Onyx Sands seemed to be the perfect hideout for Ned but that too has not remained a safe place anymore. A Holy War has started and people are joining this new religion at a very fast pace.

    The religion in the game world has emerged as a new law and order which cares for its followers only. Tyrann has become the new law of this world and there is no stopping, only Ned has a way out but for this he has to focus on his survival first.

    Black Sand Baron

    A powerful god is hinted to enter this game world and every follower had to bow before him or get perished if he says no. A few squirrels and Frank are the allies which Ned has, with the help of which he is going to challenge the upcoming calamity arising in the game world. One thing is for sure i.e EBO will never be the same again after the end of the war.

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