Cursor’s Fury


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First Lord of Alera is going down because of his age and the loss of allies sooner than he hoped and High Lord of Kalare seems to be in no mood to show mercy to anyone who comes in his way. By the look of things he has waited for this time for years and has been planning during that time so that he might not fail in his dark desires. Forces are joined and new allies are made from both sides for example High Lord of Aquitaine joins hands with Gaius though neither of them liked the bond.

Kalare though has the power to withstand any attack from the Alera still thinks it beneficial to make a relation with Canim. No side can afford a mistake of any kind and between all this the boy with no powers or furry at hand stands head held high. Tavi has never been blessed with any power at all and the people of the realm used to look down upon him before the war. Now the same category of people looks up to him as a hero or a savior that might provide them with a chance to win.

Cursor's Fury

The legion that Tavi is leading has nothing to fight with but they have everything to fight for. Tavi has given them one thing that they were lacking in Furies of Calderon and Academ’s Fury i.e courage to stand against the enemy even when their powers are exhausted and their leadership is perished.

Jim Butcher has a habit of writing very long series and engaging ones too, this one also didn’t end at trilogy. Kate Reading becoming more serious in narration after every step and the audience hope that she does not become corrosive till the next part.


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Academ’s Fury

Captain’s Fury


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