Academ’s Fury

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    Alera is under the threat of war since the start of the series and the elemental powers that were the main source of power for them are not helping very much. The people of Alera have been able to keep their unity and security for the last thousand years but now the bases of the realm are crumbling.

    Evil has unleashed in true potential and the unity is clearly lacking between those at the highest ranks. Lords of Alera start to go down one after the other and the rebels are bound to break the bond that was main source of survival. Enemies attacking Alera is not new but the people never feared them because they possess the power to control earth, fire, water, air and all the metals. With such might power at hand they can change the course of war within no time but that was a mistake.

    Academ's Fury

    They forgot that the biggest strength in war is unity and the courage to fight, when the first lord goes down these two basic things quickly vanish and the Alerians are forced to run. Irony strikes the realm when the boy whom they mocked in Furies of Calderon rise for their help. Jim Butcher like Shadowed Souls makes the underdog rise to the occasion when it was least expected of him.

    Kate Reading narrates the war scenes with cool and calm voice the main intention of the narrator in this one was a clear and understandable voice. Thus no haste in the depiction of fights is shown; the voice of even the secondary characters is clear like hell all the way.



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