Murder List


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This time it is Alec Buchanan to the rescue so this means that whenever an innocent soul is in danger, Buchanan comes to the rescue. We have seen that the author Julie Garwood has given tough assignments to the heroes on all occasions and they have completed their jobs in style and with precision and accuracy.

Alec is given a seat in the FBI this time which means that the department has also started appreciating the quality of his work. Alec is asked to protect Regan Hamilton Madison who happens to be the heiress of a big hotel.

The man thought that the job would be a piece of cake after all the things which he has experienced. Quite soon Alec finds out that someone is after Regan and she could be killed if she is left unguarded. Old enmity or some new rivalry might be the cause of all this but Regan does not want to talk about it to anyone.

Murder List

Then suddenly things get really serious and Regan provides Alec the list of those who could threaten her. Ironically the people on the list also start dying which means that the killer is cleverer than their thoughts. Hotshot and Grace Under Fire were loaded with suspicion and here the threats decorate the suspense even more. Never ever underestimate the potential of the author Julie Garwood because she has a classic style of presenting the story.

Joyce Bean’s narration has also helped things a lot in the novel because an unclear voice might have destroyed the show. The clear voice of the narrator has made everything easy to understand.



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