Furies of Calderon


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    Another magical ride begins with book one of the Codex series, Jim Butcher surely is a champion in creating magical worlds far beyond our imaginations. For a moment it looks that the author is going to present something from Greek myths or at least an amalgam but the thought is wiped away very quickly. The characters are completely genuine and their powers too don’t resemble much with the old gods.

    In books like Shadowed Souls and Side Jobs  there were so many new creatures that the mind of the listener can feel dizzy at times. Kate Reading had narrated this opening book in which we meet a unique boy named Tavi. The boy is unique not because he has powers but he is odd among the rest because he does not possess the powers that the people of his clan possess. Furies is the word that the people of the realm use for their powers as they learn to control different elements with their minds.

    Furies of Calderon

    Tavi though trying hard for the furycrafting but the signs are not good at all even after many tests and trials he has failed to unlock his powers and true potential. Sooner or later it is evident that the people of the clan would banish him from the village with a thought that he is not one of them at all thus he might live the life of an ordinary human.

    Between all these confusions there comes beguile of war and the people of the clan never thought that they would need Tavi’s courage more than their furies to win the war against the emerging rebels.


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