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    It is always difficult to start something in fiction because the author is not just writing a book he is creating a whole new world where everything happens according to the imagination of the author.

    First task of course is to make the listeners believe that the world really exists somewhere and the heroes are truly present somewhere around us. Edward Savio portrays Alexander Grant the one who is an expert in everything whether it is chores related to everyday life or martial arts.

    He is a real player when it comes to the playing of the piano or taking part is sports like chess even. Still the man wants to keep a low profile so that no one knows about him and his true identity is kept hidden.

    Alexander X

    He has topped the same class seventeen times and that too is not discussed again and again because he changes places and the institutes to keep him unnoticed. No one knows who he really is and from where he has originally come from and the thing has been continuing for centuries now until the day when the enemy does something that hurts him to the core.

    His friend gets killed in the process and he is saved from nearly a kidnap, it is payback time for the enemy and it does not matter if he is a demon and a criminal mastermind. The epic saga opens in the voice of Wil Wheaton and paves the way for Ancient Among Us the second chapter of the series. The base is set and it is expected that the continuity will be seen in a better way in the second chapter of this epic tale.

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