The Undead: Part 7


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    Howie has been the best of the team and a real hero for the human race as he takes on the battle every time when the undead invade the areas that belong to the human race. This time the tables are turned when we see that Howie is taken out of job. A blame rests on his shoulders and on his team too because people think that the troop attacked the survivors and thus are not trust worth anymore.

    The team is no more needed but it does not mean that Howie and his men have left their job. They still continue what they have started in The Undead: Part 6 i.e search for the dog that can be a real assent in the war against the undead. Not only is the dog powerful enough to hunt the undead but also its existence can answer several questions which no one had failed to give an answer too yet.

    The Undead: Part 7

    R.R. Haywood has knit it well with the last chapter and there is clear evidence that the author wants to run the series in a continuous pattern after that and we will see a conclusion for sure. Dan Morgan the official narrator has been doing his job in a promising way and most of the fans have formed an association with the voice.

    Marcy is with a discovery of her own as she too comes back to the lab for her own examination. She thinks that the infection from the undead can also cure a person and thus it could prove quite valuable for the human race if used in a proper way.

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    The Undead: Part 6

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